Measurement Instruments, Inc. is a small business (25 full-time employees) located in Blairsville, PA. Since 1977, Measurement Instruments has been integrating, selling and supporting test, measurement and calibration equipment. The systems integration arm of Measurement Instruments is known as MiTech (Measurement Instruments Technology). MiTech began providing systems to military and commercial markets in 1988. The first project involved a series of testers for the US Army, designed to test a portion of the electrical parameters of a tank. Since that time, our engineers have designed and built a number of systems for military and government applications, including:

ASTM D9025 Bar and Rod Specimens for Adhesion Tests in Accordance with ASTM D2094

Model 5076 Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kit

Very Low Pressure Calibrator (VLPC) for the US Navy.

Automated HFC43-10 Adsorption Test System (AHATS) built in accordance with MIL-DTL-32130 standard.

Pressure Calibration Kits consisting of COTS Heise PTE-1 and HQS pressure calibration instrumentation.

High Precision COTS Mensor Digital Differential Pressure Gauges packaged in accordance with MIL-STD-2073.

Temperature Triple-Ice-Point-Of-Water Calibration Systems for the US Air Force.

Pneumatic Test and Data-Acquisition Systems for Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Designed Test and Exercise Systems for the newly developed Electronic-Throttle-Body for Visteon Corporation.

Operator Interface and Control Panels, utilizing a CAN-Bus communication protocol, for Nordson Corporation.

– US Service Depot for Milacron – Electronic Control Systems, supplying and supporting in excess of 1,000 systems since 1990. Milacron, a manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines, established MiTech as their US Service Depot. All systems are returned to MiTech for repair, and then returned to the Milacron repair service equipment inventory. Sustainability has been a key factor for this account over the years. We have, multiple times, been able to identify, test and qualify replacement components for obsolete components – thus extending indefinitely the life of their system.

The MiTech division of Measurement Instruments is staffed by electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, instrumentation specialists, technicians and quality assurance personnel.

Our team excels at projects involving:

– System Integration

– Software Development and Integration

– System Design

– Commissioning

– Calibration Equipment

– Calibration Kits

– Requirement Analysis & Specification Development

– Assembly, Testing, Burn-In

– Compatibility Verification

– Custom Branding

– Sheet-Metal Fabrication

– Technical Support

Engineering assistance, custom cabling, custom packaging, and friendly support are some of the MiTech key elements that our customers have found to be extremely valuable.



DUNS: 068765288

SBA ID: P0349712

ASTM D9025 Bar and Rod Specimens for Adhesion Tests in Accordance with ASTM D2094

ASTM D9025 Bar and Rod Specimens for Adhesion Tests in Accordance with ASTM D2094

Measurement Instruments manufactures and supplies adherend bar and rod specimens for adhesion tests in accordance with ASTM D2094 that are used to determine strength properties of adhesives in accordance with Test Method D2095.  The specimens are sold in sets of two in both bar and rod form (see ordering information below).   Test specimens are available in many materials and geometries including laminated plastic materials machined such that the axis of the specimen lie in the plane of the lamina, and so that the plane of the lamina coincides with one side of the specimen with the hole perpendicular to the plane of the lamina.  Surface preparation is variable such that evaluation of various adhesive manufacturers and specific surfaces can be studied.

In accordance with ASTM D2094 and Test Method D2095, adherends can be reused several times, provided that all traces of the previously used adhesive are removed and the surfaces are remachined.  Plastic adherends that have been immersed in liquids or exposed to high humidities or extreme temperature environments shall not be reused.

Measurement Instruments recommends FUTEK for precision force and torque measurement of adhesive cleavage and torsional shear measurement

Ordering Information:

  1. Part Number 213410 ASTM D9025 Adherend Rod Test Fixture Set of Two Rods
  2. Part Number 213410SA ASTM D9025 Adherend Bar Test Fixture Set of Two Bars

Please contact Measurement Instruments at 800-779-8090 or for pricing or customization inquiries.

Model 5076 Calibrator for Aircraft Tire Inflator Assembly Kits

Model 5076 Calibrator for Aircraft Tire Inflator Assembly Kits

Figure 1:  Self-contained, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kits


The Measurement Instruments Model 5076 Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kits is a commercial off-theshelf (COTS), self-contained instrument that provides a neat, clean and efficient interface for minimizing calibration cycle time (Figure 1).  The system is designed based on input from technicians actually calibrating the Inflator Assembly Kits.  No more need to “tap” standard-pressure-gauges, or live with a mess of hoses, tubbing and fittings.  The Model 5076 is designed to meet the demands of in-the-field test and calibration labs for safe, easy-to-use, high-throughput workload.  Connections and controls are arranged in an intuitive left-to-right workflow with clearly labeled connectors and controls matching the T.O. and schematic engraved on the lid (Figure 2).  The system can be used on a bench or rack-mounted to save space (rackmount kit optional).  The Model 5076 is designed to calibrate the following Inflator Assembly Kit’s and could be used for others with 600PSIG or less range (higher or lower ranges are available upon request):  1063, 1065, 1075, 1089, M85352/1, M85352/5, MME-PD459 (Milton Industries, Inc).


Figure 2:  Key Features – Measurement Instruments Model 5076 Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kits 

Key features of the Measurement Instruments Model 5076 Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kits:

  1. Self-contained, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kits
  2. Includes cylinder (Plenum Chamber) with greater than 140 cubic inch internal volume, easily accessible for replacement during hydrostatic test period
  3. Schematic etched on lid for quick field reference and easy understanding of the pneumatic circuit
  4. Designed for ease-of-use with valves and connections labels matching T.O. instructions and leftto-right work flow
    1. T.O. 33K6-4-1527-1
    2. Inflator Assembly Kit’s 1063, 1065, 1075, 1089, M85352/1, M85352/5, MME-PD459 (Milton Industries, Inc)
  5. Rack-mountable (5U high) enclosure (rackmount-kit optional)
  6. Regulator gauge to indicate supply pressure level
  7. Real-time precision digital-pressure-indicator:
    1. Pressure Range: 0-600PSIG
    2. Accuracy: +/- 0.025% FS
    3. Backlit display
    4. Removable pressure sensing modules
      1. Quick field replacement with newly calibrated sensing module
      2. Allows remote calibration of pressure sensing modules
      3. Can be re-ranged by replacing pressure sensing module with another range
  8. Vent/calibration circuit allows calibration of the digital-pressure-indicator without need for removal from the 5076 system
  9. High-quality valves, tees, tubbing and connectors
  10. Integrated pressure-relief-valve to protect the digital-pressure-indicator from over-pressure damage
  11. Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  12. Pressure Connections: AN4-F (alternate connections and adapters available upon request)

Figure 3:  Corner View – Measurement Instruments Model 5076 Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kits

Figure 4:  Rear View – Measurement Instruments Model 5076 Calibrator for Inflator Assembly Kits 

(Note: 110VAC input AC/DC Adapter included with system not shown in photo)

Call Measurement Instruments at (724)-459-8090 to learn more.

Automated HFC43-10 Adsorption Test System

The Automated HFC43-10 Adsorption Test System (AHATS) is an adsorption cell test center used for testing a fabrics’ resistance to chemicals. Measurement Instruments will include a complete turnkey system including design, fabrication and commissioning of the system, complying with MIL-DTL-32130 procedure.

Angled view

The test center consists of the following subsystems:

  • Housing for fabric test samples.
  • A material handling system allowing multiple test samples to be automatically loaded, tested and unloaded from the system.

Housing for fabric test samples.

  • A combined chiller/heater system produces a temperature controlled stream of water, maintained between 60°F and 70°F plus or minus 3°F, that flows through the adsorption cell to maintain a consistent cell temperature. An embedded thermocouple is used for the monitoring and control.
  • An electric heater preheats the test sample to a temperature between 80°F and 110°F to remove moisture, using compressed air at a rate of 20 cfm.
  • A nitrogen control system to deliver a specified flow of diluted nitrogen to the test cell.

Gas pressure and temperature gauges.

  • A gas chromatograph is used to analyze the composition of the nitrogen gas stream exiting through the fabric.
  • A control and data acquisition system provides automated control of all equipment described above and automatically acquires and stores test data from the gas chromatograph.

Human-Machine-Interface computer allows the system operator to set up a test, execute the test and observe the results of the test. Control of the adsorption test cell and all ancillary equipment will be performed using a commercially available programmable logic controller (PLC).  Signals from all field devices, such as the mass flow sensors, thermocouples, pressure transducers and other devices will be connected to the PLC which then uses these sensor inputs to control the operation of the complete system.

Internal networking of AHATS system.

Internal networking of AHATS system.

The PLC will be interfaced with the Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) using a standard Ethernet interface.  This interface will be used to communicate set point and alarm data from the HMI to the PLC and to communicate process data from the PLC to the HMI. The HMI will consist of a Windows PC based system. The HMI will provide a graphical interface of the entire test cell including the ancillary support equipment.

Call Measurement Instruments at (724)-459-8090 to learn more.




D585 Very Low Pressure Calibrator

The D585 Very Low Pressure Calibrator (VLPC) kit is intended to be used by Navy personnel in shipboard and shore-based laboratories and for on-site, in-place calibration. The equipment will be used to generate, measure, and control pressure within the defined operating range to calibrate pressure-indicating devices including gauges and switches.

The VLPC kit is comprised of two separate cases. The initial case houses all of the calibratable components including one pressure indicator, three pressure modules and one calibration module for calibration of the digital indicator. The second case consists of small and large volume controllers as well as hose assemblies and additional adapters. The following diagrams contains all pertinent parts to properly demonstrate the set up and purpose of The D585 Very Low Pressure Calibrator kit.

VLPC Figure 6


Contact the engineering staff of Measurement Instruments at (724)-459-8090 for more information.