About Us

Measurement Instruments, a Manufacturers Representative organization, is the result of a merger of two of the largest and most successful representative companies in this area.  In June 1999, Measurement Instruments East, Inc. (MIE INC.) purchased the assets of WKM Associates to form the most dynamic rep organization in this territory – doing business as Measurement Instruments.

Measurement Instruments has a combined 90 years in business as a manufactures representative.  MIE started in business in 1977 and WKM in 1961, both as instrumentation representatives.  The combined group of 26 people, 15 outside salespeople and 11 support staff, creates the most formidable and accomplished representative sales force in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic Region.  Offices are located in Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Frederick, MD and Richmond, VA.

  • Overview

Both MIE and WKM had been multi-office sales representative organizations covering this Region.  The new organization, Measurement Instruments, is an aggressive, energetic, results and customer oriented group with a goal of developing increased sales through a large base of satisfied customers.

Communication is crucial for success at Measurement Instruments.  To ensure fast, efficient and accurate communication among salespeople, customers, sales offices and principals, each salesperson has an email address, PC, PDA, and cell phone.  Our Website disseminates information about the company, our employees, products and capabilities.

  • Achievements

Measurement Instruments has achieved a position of power with many of our principals.  We are committed to serving customers and making money. Now is the time to capitalize on available resources, market conditions and achieved momentum.  We maintain a large and accurate database of customers and prospects.  Now is the time.  This is the place.

  • Compatibility History

Measurement Instruments (MIE and WKM) has been representing companies (Principals), many since our beginning, that are complementary and synergistic.

In each of the territories, to one degree or another, the key markets that have created success for one Principal have done the same for other Principals.

One of the most interesting and attractive discoveries that we made was the fact that, in any given territory, WKM’s larger customers, with little exception, are accounts that MIE had not done significant business with – and vice versa.  Thus, the customers, our Principals, and the newly formed company, all stand to benefit from the added exposure.  At the risk of being trite, it is truly a “win-win-win” situation.

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