Our representative working out of the Indiana office is not only available to the state of Indiana but to customers in Kentucky as well. Please have a look below to find the products you are looking for.

Indianapolis, IN

Indiana Office
11216 Fall Creek Road
Indianapolis, IN  46256
(317) 594-0301
Fax: (248) 488-1012
Cell: (317) 670-2321
Territory: Indiana, Kentucky


Our office here in Indiana proudly represents these manufactures:

  • ARI

    • Specialty Thermocouples
  • heise_hdr_logo

    • Precision Analog and Digital Transducers
    • Handheld Pressure and Calibrators
    • Digital Pressure and Temperature Indicators
  • Cosasco Logo

    • Corrosion Monitoring Probes and Instruments
    • Corrosion Monitoring and Management Solutions Systems
    • Power Quality and Energy/Demand Monitoring
    • Portable and Permanently Installed Systems
    • Power Quality Software and Training
  • Cosasco Logo

    • Miniature & Sub-miniature Pressure Sensors
    • Flow Meters: Turbine, Positive Displacement, Mag and Ultrasonic
    • Precision Flow Calibration Systems
    • Calibration Services for All Types of Flowmeters
    • Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems
    • Single Axis and Multi Axis Test Systems
    • IMV-Smart™ Eco-Shaker Energy Savings Technology
  • DJB Master logo

    • Rugged, Precision Linear and Angular Acceleromters
    • Rugged, Precision Inclinomters, Tilt Sensors
    • Geophysical Sensors
  • Kvaser Logo

    • Can-Bus Interface Products
  • mpelogo

    • DC Programmable Power Supplies and DC Loads
    • Ranges to 1MW+
    • EV/HEV Solar and Batery Simulation
  • Mensor

    • High Precision Pressure Standards, Calibrators and Controllers

    • Custom Pressure Systems

    • Digital Pressure Transducers, Gauges, and Barometers




    • High Voltage, Current and Power Test Equipment
    • Motor and Transformer Test Systems
    • High Voltage AC/DC Portable Test Equipment
    • Rotary and Reaction Torque Sensors
    • Load Cells and Multi-Component Sensors
    • ESD  Simulators
    • Impulse, Noise and Transient Generators
    • Emission Measurement Systems
    • Voltage Dip & Swell Simulators


    • Miniatured and ruggedized IR and TC temperature sensors
    • Inertial sensors : accelerometers, gyroscopes and IMU
    • Programmable strain gage amplifier and bonding
    • High-Speed DC Power Supplies
    • LXI Scalable Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)
    • High Density Functional Test Systems
    • RF/Microwave Test Solutions
    • Power Meters and Analyzers
    • Digital Storage Scopes to 128 Channels
    • Data Acquisition Systems – High and Low Speed

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