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NEW – EX1401 Thermocouple/Voltage Instrument Offers High Accuracy and Speed, Signal Isolation and Power Over Ethernet

Instruments EX1401 adds high common mode measurement
capability to the EX1000 Series of instruments, an
advanced, full-featured data acquisition family designed
to acquire precision data from temperature and voltage
sensors. The EX1401 delivers accurate and highly
repeatable thermocouple (±0.20°C) and voltage
measurements by implementing fully integrated signal
conditioning, including independent Cold Junction
Compensation (CJC). With maximum programmable
sample rates at 20 kSa/s/channel, the EX1401 is
well-suited for a wide range of applications that
require maximum accuracy and the recording of fast
transient signals.

• Typical accuracies of ±0.20°C
• 16-channel isolated universal
thermocouple/voltage inputs
• Power over Ethernet (PoE)
• 20K samples/second/channel sample rate
• 24-bit ADC per channel
• 500 V channel-ground isolation
• 1000 V channel-channel isolation
• Data logger acquisition mode
• Built-in parallel data streaming
• Full-featured embedded web interface
• LXI Ethernet interface
• 8-bit bank isolated digital I/O
• Compact 1U half-rack form factor

• Automotive and battery testing
• Highly accelerated life test/highly
accelerated stress screening (HALT/HASS)
• Health monitoring
• Jet engine testing

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